Money laundering: another Lebedev’ crime

Leonid Lebedev   has control over dozens of  offshore companies to launder illicit funds. For this purpose he employs   services of criminal structures. We found a documental evidence proving that    a nominee owner of  Lebedev’s company Agragorn Holdings Ltd (BVI) is  Ukranian citizen  Vasyl Bohdanov, known as a member of an international criminal group specializing in money laundering.

According to  the  National Whistleblower Center (NWC), the gang has been active at least since 2010. It performed a number of fraudulent operations, using “different combinations , operating  sophisticated money laundering schemes behind  deliberately counterfeit bank documents  with off-ledger funds”.

The group is headed by Nagy Guerges Shehata Guerges,  internationally wanted American of   Egyptian origin, born in 1960. The gang includes mainly Egypt and US citizens.

According to NWC,  Bogdanov   took part in implementation of criminal schemes at least twice in 2014. In the first case he acted as CEO of  Sungreen International Ltd company, registered in Kenya, used for washing $10 mm   through Kenyan Credit Bank Ltd. In the second case he appeared for a representative authorized to manage the account of   Premier Investment Group Inc, registered in the USA (with Nagy Guerges Shehata Guerges as CEO), in order to   laundering $1 bn euro through Amsterdam office of  ABN AMRO bank.

NWC  published all available information  regarding crimes committed by the group, as well as  scans of bank documents and passports of the gang members, including Vasyl Bogdanov. Bogdanov’s  passport is the same he has presented  to the Central Bank of Cyprus as the beneficiary of Agragorn.

In 2014  NWC applied to the US  and international law-enforcement organizations to arrest the criminals. It looks like they are not arrested   till now.

This fact confirms the existence of direct links between L.Lebedev and V. Bogdanov, a member  of the criminal gang specializing in money laundering. So it is obvious that  Lebedev has used  earlier  and   commands  now the services of   tough guys  for  laundering  his illegal income.


To my surprise, the American Government’s fight against terrorism and organized crime did not affect the activity of some criminalized businessmen from Eastern European countries in such a specific area as  the US movie-making. Hollywood appears to be a wonderful place to launder money….

Mr Leonid Lebedev, a man from the Forbes list the who made his fortune in the oil industry, may serve as an example. He is closely linked with the United States. He is known here as a sponsor  and producer of Red Code Production film  company, headed by his 31-year-old daughter Julia, who was born and lives in the US (her mother, first Lebedev’s wife, is  American). Lebedev funds the enterprise  and Julia looks for interesting scenarios, participants and organizes filmmaking. Their recent films are “The Good Doctor” (2011) produced by Orlando Bloom (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), “Dear White People” (2014), “The Honour” (2014). The animated film “Prophet (2014) is to be released in the US  this summer.  “Silent Life” (2015) is in the process of shooting

Mr Leonid Lebedev


However, few people know that Lebedev has a very negative reputation at home ( His name is linked to a series of scandals and lawsuits  in  Germany, USA, UK, Cyprus and Russia. He is accused of fraud, embezzlement of funds of lenders and business partners, money laundering  etc.

Mr Lebedev is a real “Mafioso”. It will suffice to recall that  in the 1990s he took part in one of the biggest illegal trafficking of arms and ammunition from Ukraine and Belarus amongst other to the groups fighting in former Yugoslavia. Lebedev (who used in the deal his corporation “Syntez”) was one of the accused at the trial for this case in 2002 in Turin, Italy (extracts of the OSCE investigation report and the Italian Police document on the Ukranian organized crime  see below).

And finally, what is more surprising – Lebedev has a US passport (see below)!

If so should Lebedev be the subject of special attention from the part of the US authorities? Is it their right and duty to check   not only Lebedev’s alleged defrauding of income and tax evasion but also the legality of the origin of the funds invested by him in business in the United States, isn’t it? Can not Hollywood really do without dirty money?